At LiFT we create personalised, progressive, strengthening programs that not only improve your physical health, but improve mental well-being and the ability to lead an energising and fulfilling life. 

Strength training improves attention, memory and the ability to problem solve. 

It produces a healthy heart, smaller waistline, tighter body and more definition, bone density, joint stability and incredible recovery, and you don’t have to train a lot to see huge improvements!

So how much should you train?

Well – it’s not as much as you think!

The NHS recommends you take part in at least 2 strength training sessions each week, followed by 75 to 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity outside of the gym. 

We recommend for optimal results taking part in 2-3 session at LiFT each week, incorporating all of the strength and conditioning elements you need, and you can perfect your routine by counting a total of 10,000 steps or above each day, to fully compliment your health, body composition and motivation.

Want help getting started? 

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