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small group Personal training 

We specialise in Small Group Personal Training as we believe it is the perfect balance between the affordability and motivation of group training, without sacrificing the personalisation and support of having a 1:1 trainer.

At LiFT you will not train with more than 3 people in a session. You will have an Expert Coach who is trained in movement, nutrition and personal coaching. You will also continue to benefit from the camaraderie and motivation of our wonderful community.

Get 12 sessions for £99 this month!

the misfits

a community that sparkles

As well as the facilities, coaches, systems and programs - the people who train here make it a sparkly and special experience too! Our members have created an authentic, relaxed environment, where busy women can step away from outside pressures and focus completely on your own individual needs.

It might be weight loss, health or a lack of energy and confidence that makes you start, but it's the community, belonging, and new perspective on fitness that will make you stay.

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Client Testimonials

If you are serious about improving your health and fitness then Lift is the place to do it. Eve is a great trainer who really cares about everyone she trains and helps them set goals and achieve them. She designs effective workouts, and gives great nutritional advice too. The training sessions are enjoyable and fun but at the same time push you to achieve the best you possibly can. So if you want to train hard with a great friendly bunch of like-minded people then join Lift fitness 😊

Rhiannon, 37, Leicester

I've trained a lot with Eve over the years and she is amazing. I'm a Sports Medicine Physio so have a very critical view of trainers. Eve really knows her stuff and always makes the sessions enjoyable so you almost don't realise how hard you are working (until you can't move the next day. Ha ha). She is very knowledgeable and highly skilled and I always look forward and sessions with her and would highly recommend Lift fitness 🔥🔥 If you want serious results then this is the place to be

Nikki, 47, Birstal

Since I started training at Lift Fitness I have noticed a difference in my fitness level and physical strength. The staff at Lift Fitness concentrate on helping you with the correct technique and explain what muscle groups you are using when doing a certain movement. All the people that attend the gym are friendly, supportive and encouraging. The group sessions are challenging and hard work but also fun and totally worth it. Once you start seeing the difference in yourself you want to do better and go heavier in your next session. Lift fitness care about what you want and help you to achieve your goals and transform yourself.

Bhavika, 36, Leicester

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