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My Story.
 My Mission.

Hi, I'm Eve. Most of my life I was overweight. I attended gyms and yo-yo'd with diets for years. I watched my parents pass away far too young after leading unhealthy lives. 

It's now my mission to help women in Leicester, just like you, become fit, lean, healthy and happy... and make the results STICK! We achieve this by making fitness a positive, personal and impactful experience.

I have 7 years of experience coaching in Leicestershire and studied extensively with therapists, dieticians and strength and conditioning educators both regionally and nationally.

As a LiFT Fitness Coach I have a deep understanding of fitness, physiology, behaviour, habits and motivation, and a true desire to help, because at LiFT, we truly care about you and your well-being.

Strength Training

This isn't the rows of machines, hours of cardio or the overly masculine, full of ego, gym bro environment that you're used to! Simply by learning to move with awesome technique, you'll become more attuned to your body, restore shape and renew natural energy levels.


Modern life leaves us tired and stiff. Your initial weeks at LiFT will restore balance to your muscles leaving you feeling lighter and with more freedom to move. 


Challenge your body to build stamina and endurance that crosses over into your everyday life, and do all the things you want to do for longer.

the 30 day trial

get your plan

Every member joins our gym with a 30 day trial. We'll meet for a 1:1 session to discuss your goals, understand your needs, introduce you to the gym, and assess your movement and your fitness levels to ensure the program is delivered specifically for your needs.

The 30 day trial is designed specifically for you to make up your own mind about our program, to see if you feel at home training here and want to take the next steps on a true journey to a fitter, happier, you.

If you find you don't like it? There is no pressure to stay.

small group personal training

30 day trial

The gym for women in Leicester who don't like gyms! Try us for 30 days and discover a more enjoyable way to get back in shape!