What is self-confidence?

Being self-confident simply means having faith in yourself and is often the deciding factor when making important changes and life decisions.

What are the benefits of self-confidence?

The benefits of increasing your self-confidence are almost limitless, a few good examples though are:

1 - Becoming assertive: Being assertive means being able to speak up and take action more often, when you know it’s the right thing to do.

2 - Feeling calmer: When you feel confident you often feel much calmer, even in stressful or pressured situations, as you are more likely to feel capable and in control.

3 - Less procrastination: Having more confidence means getting on with those tasks you’ve been putting to the back of your mind because of uncertainty or planning new adventures that you’ve put off for too long.

4 - Able to take compliments: When you’re confident you are able to accept compliments from others and can have more motivation for putting more energy into things, that are just for you.

5 - Able to accept criticism: Criticism can be an important tool to self-progression and rather than viewing it as failure you’ll likely see feedback as a platform to grow from.

6 - Socialising and making an impact: Without the doubtful voice in the back of your mind you are able to socialise and get more involved, and without worrying about what the selfies will look like the next day.

Strong on the outside, means strong on the inside

You don't have to be the best to start, simply seeing continual improvement is a great way to help you raise your expectation of what you are capable of.

Through consistent achievement that little voice in your mind that says...

‘I CAN’T!’

Over time becomes the voice that says...

‘I CAN!’

Note: It helps to have a supportive community alongside of you, reminding you of all of the above too!


Experiencing achievements consistently over time is a real strength and confidence booster, therefore a progressive training and exercise routine builds not only physical strength, but mental fortitude too.

You'll find you put yourself out there more, try new things, and meet a lot of new, supportive and interesting people in the process, and this will open up new opportunities and let you try out different things in a supportive environment.

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