Those first few weeks of a diet are great where as long as you are in a calorie deficit, you will definitely lose weight.

But what 90% of people don’t realise is that plateaus are in fact an unavoidable occurrence, and a normal defence mechanism against starvation. So no matter what diet you’re on, you will plateau at some point.

This can become frustrating, and feel like you’re doing something wrong at times.

Instead, read our blog to better understand how we can work better with our bodies in order to get even bigger results.

Don’t cut out too many calories

When it comes to weight loss large calorie deficits are like taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut, and the second you diet harshly there are unseen negative consequences that actually slow and stall progress.

If you want to keep a fast metabolism, build lean tone and feel energetic, we recommend starting out with only a very small calorie deficit of around 200 calories and switching to a higher quality of foods BEFORE trying to reduce your intake too drastically.

Not only will your body thank you for it, this will also mean that when your progress slows you will have more calories to drop later on if you find you’ve exhausted all other options.

The golden rule: Get the most progress you can, with as little effort as you can, and never start out on a huge caloric deficit.

Swap machines for full body movements

An effective workout routine is absolutely key to transforming your body, and this means

stepping off the machines, getting involved in free weight and body weight exercises.

Remember, you must do so using the correct technique.

The moment you step of a machine and learn to perform multi-joint, full body exercises, you will instantly burn more calories, and become more costly in terms of energy and when you get your technique is spot-on, you’ll find your progress is accelerated, and you’ll see vastly more dramatic progress every week.

So stepping off the machines and treadmills and into a more effective workout routine, can help you maintain the proper nutrition while still beating a platuea.

Increase workout intensity/frequency

Now that you have mastered the basics of movement and nutrition, you can increase your workout intensity.

This doesn’t necessarily mean adding more weights all the time. Cutting down on rest time, adding more reps and sets or even increasing the frequency of your sessions from 2 to then 3 times a week can have huge benefits to your progress.

Finally, think again about your caloric intake

If you’re already working our effectively, with the correct technique, and you’re training as much as enjoyable for you each week (at least 2 times effectively) and you still plateau – it may be time to think about bringing your calories down again.

Remember: Harsh calorie deficits actually slow and stall our progress. So don’t cut out too many calories as doing so will damage your metabolism, your health your energy levels and sex drive to name a few!

We recommend dropping calories by 10% at this point, and commonly this will mean around 200 kcals a time.

Remember, only do this if your nutrition and training is on point.

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