elevate your fitness!

elevate your fitness!

training with the community at lift means getting fit again, is no longer a chore!

We support both men and women in Leicester who are intimidated by regular gyms, and who want to get back into shape with training that is both effective and fun.

learn about training, learn about yourself, and give us a try for 30 days.

What's Included I our 30 day trial?

  • 12 pt sessions

Depending on your needs you'll complete 2-4 fully coached training sessions a week with our professional coaches.


You can compliment your personal training sessions with a range of coached classes including HIIT, BUILD and SWEAT.

  • body composition

At our initial meeting we'll establish your starting point and aim for VISIBLE changes to your shape and performance.

  • movement screening

Want to get fit and begin moving freely again? Let's establish your current fitness levels and a program to suit your needs.

  • nutrition advice

You’ll receive pragmatic nutrition advice to complement your fitness programme and help you reach your goals faster.

  • dedicated support

One of our team will be your assigned fitness coach and will be on hand whenever you need them, to help you stay on track.

  • open door policy

As well as your regular weekly training and classes, you’ll have unlimited gym access. Just pop in and use the space and equipment when you like.

  • beyond the gym

Discover a world of support with our online community, where the team and lift members share their thoughts and experiences.

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We dont do sales at LiFT. We do people. One of our amazing coaches, or members, will be in touch, within 24 hours.


No. Our members have all different levels of fitness and they’re all different ages too. Yes, you will see some super-fit people here, but they all started somewhere. Your fitness goal is unique to you. Our trainers will fully assess your current level, personalise your programme and take it at a pace that works for you.

No problem. Many of our members come to us with injuries or life-related issues like joint or back pain or post-baby abs. Our highly-experienced team create programmes that work with, and ultimately improve, a wide range of conditions. We also work with some of Leicester's top sports injury practitioners on-site, to make sure that support is there when you need it.

Don’t worry. If something comes up or you’re away for a few days, let us know, and we’ll happily extend your trial period.

We’d love you to stay with us, so we can work on your fitness goals together but we totally understand if you need to take a break or decide that LiFT is not right for you. If you change your mind in future, you’ll always be welcome back.

Memberships at LiFT start at £159 per month.

You’ll get your money back. No hassle, no questions, no hard feelings. You know what’s right for you, we’re just here to help you achieve that. No pressure.

what small group pt sessions can I book?

Our current available sessions can be found below...


the basement, ROMAN HOUSE,





0116 442 2389